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One of the first things that people notice is your smile. And we know what a difference and what life-changing benefits a beautiful, healthy smile can make!

For over 20 years, Dr. Prose has provided St. Charles and the Fox Valley area with the highest-quality orthodontic treatment to patient of all ages.

At Prose Orthodontics, our goal and commitment to every patient that comes through our door is to:

-give special attention to the needs and concerns of each patient

-provide caring, comfortable, and the highest-quality treatment

-offer affordable payment plans and options

-make each visit a positive, pleasant and fun experience

-help every patient achieve and maintain the beautiful, healthy and confident smile they deserve! (630) 442-1749

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"Everyone is always so helpful and friendly. Never have a very long wait. We enjoy going for our appointments!"

Review Verified on 5/15/2013
"Great job as always. Quick and efficient."

Review Verified on 5/15/2013
"Extremely professional and efficient appointment for braces! Nice work and thank you!!!"

Review Verified on 5/15/2013
"Dr. Prose and his staff are of superior quality! They provide comprehensive orthodontic care and always make an effort to accommodate the schedule of our busy family. We are very happy to have our three girls under Dr. Prose's care."

Review Verified on 5/15/2013
"Prose has been a tremendous orthodontic experience for our family, including Phase I and II braces for my daughter, Phase II for my son and Invisialign for myself. The staff is extremely professional and super friendly and our teeth look fantastic! I highly recommend Prose!"

Review Verified on 5/13/2013
"Professionally run and managed"

Review Verified on 5/11/2013
"Very smoothly-run office, never have to wait around for a scheduled appointment; friendly staff; results as expected / promised; good "bedside" manor with young kids -- 10-stars!"

Review Verified on 5/10/2013
"Excellent Service"

Review Verified on 5/10/2013
"I personally work for an organization that requires excellence as a standard. Everytime we walk into your office, I find the same level of excellence that I know is required of me in my job. We have never walked in your office without being greeted with a welcoming smile and warm friendly "hello". My daughter is always called back for her appointment on time and the care she receives from the everyone is top notch. We are thrilled that we selected Dr. Prose for her orthodontia care. Thank you for everything!"

Review Verified on 5/10/2013
"The staff is always so friendly. Appointments are easy to set up and convenient for our schedule. Dr. Prose is treating both of our sons and we are very pleased with their progress."

Review Verified on 5/9/2013
"Your office has always been very professional and friendly. Although it's difficult, you try to accommodate us when making appointments around school activities. The one time that we had a problem, Dr. Prose called us at home in the evening to apologize and to make sure that everything was taken care of as well as sending a card apologizing and thanking us for our business. I have seen Dr. Prose and both of my children have seen Dr. Prose - and I have recommended his office to many of my friends/colleagues. Their office is warm, friendly, welcoming and "fun" for kids....even when braces aren't so "fun"!"

Review Verified on 5/9/2013
"The staff at Prose is always extremely friendly and informative! They make your appointments very pleasant and I always feel valued. I would definitely recommend them for anyone seeking orthodontic care."

Review Verified on 5/9/2013
"Dr. Prose and his team have been most wonderful to our family. My oldest son had two rounds of braces and just had his second round removed this week. I have always had a tough schedule and they have always been able to accomodate me. My younger son has a big challenge as he is missing 2 teeth and will eventualy have implants as an adult. The Prose Team has been with us so far and they are working close with us to ensure everything is perfect for him when his braces come off and also to ensure no movement before the implants are put in. We have recently moved out of state and are just so comfortable with them, that we are still returning for treatment for my youngest son, as I have interviewed several offices and just have not found the same comfortableness. They have totally SPOILED us!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!"

Review Verified on 5/8/2013
"All our visits have gone great. We barely have to wait to be seen and are usually in and out in a reasonable amount of time. Whenever we have had a problem with a bracket we always get in a few minutes after we call. The care and customer service have been great!!"

Review Verified on 5/8/2013
"I love your new apt reminder emails. I always have apts in my calendar but don't always look that far ahead in the calendar. This is a great way to stay organized. Thank you!"

Review Verified on 5/8/2013
"Both of my boys are/were your patients and they always have excellent service to help them have the best smiles possible! This is a very well run and helpful office and it also seems like it is a great place to work. We are happy you are located in St. Charles. Thanks from the Benvenuti family! :)"

Review Verified on 5/3/2013
"Love the professionalism, the skills of the employees, the friendliness, the attention to detail, and the respect for people's time. Have had a wonderful experience, and we recommend your office any chance we get. Keep up the good work!"

Review Verified on 5/2/2013
"We originally came to see Dr. Prose on a friend's recommendation. I am so thankful for making that original appointment many years ago. Sidney had gone through Phase 1 with relatively no pain and is now in the middle of Phase 2. The staff listened to our concerns regarding Sidney's fear of pain and has kept their pomise to her that they would do their best to have her not hurt. Her smile is amazing and she looks forward to her visits. I have recomended Dr. Prose and his staff to many friends and will continue to do so!"

Review Verified on 5/1/2013
"A relationship with an orthodontist and his/her team lasts a long time. Dr. Prose was my third and last consultation, and I'm so happy I chose him. He spent considerable time with me during that consult reviewing my medical and dental histories. My medical history was a significant concern to me because of its possible negative impact on wearing braces. Dr. Prose was both empathetic and supportive, indicating he could work with me to make me comfortable during the treatment period of 18 months. He also explained why he used Damon braces and his experience being trained as an orthodontist. Every single staff person I met during that consult was professional and welcoming. I was given a quick tour of the facility and met with the treatment coordinator who reviewed costs, payment options and insurance coverage (if applicable). The cost is a big hurdle for many of us, but I felt confident that if I was going to try braces, my best shot would be with him. During treatment visits, Dr. Prose and his team always checked to be sure I was in a comfortable reclining position since that was an issue for me. If a wire came loose, his front desk staff always got me in quickly. I never endured emergency situations between scheduled visits, and the small problems which did occur were resolved often the day I called. I was worried about impressions because of my own particular problem. Dr. Prose said it would be lickety-split, and it was. When the post-braces pictures were taken, the person who took them kindly took one with me and my husband and made copies for me. People just go the distance here. So Dr. Prose knows what he's doing, and that will ease the sting of flossing while wearing braces or the short term delight of wearing elastics. Everyone who treated me was gentle and upbeat. That is Dr. Prose's basic style and I suspect he has carefully built a practice where people make you feel better, not worse, while you are there. The waiting area is comfortable, full of new magazines, and often, Dunkin' Donuts coffee. There is a monthly drawing for a fabulous gift. I never won, but I know there are others who were lucky. But that stuff is the icing on the cake, of course. The cake at the end is your smile. This is a relationship that has a happy ending."

Review Verified on 4/30/2013
"Everyone is always friendly and efficient. Thank you!"

Review Verified on 4/30/2013
"Friendly, flexible, professional, and sooo much more! I love you guys....Not to mention I have been asked before who has done my kids braces by another orthodontist, because in his words "they look great!" Thank you soo much!"

Review Verified on 4/28/2013
"I don't think there are enough stars listed to symbol how awesome the entire Prose staff is! Everyone is professional, polite and genuinely NICE. It's not a chore or a burden to go to an appointment. They keep a tight schedule, you never wait for more than a minute, and the get you in and out. Not to mention the phenomenal work Dr. Prose has done with my smile, I get so many compliments now and I make sure to tell anyone who's interested to go see Dr. Prose. They won't be sorry. Thanks to all the Prose Staff for making my entire experience so pleasurable!"

Review Verified on 4/26/2013
"My husband and I are in the ministry and have four kids. Our oldest Isaiah had very bad crowding his enamel wasn't great...we felt that if he had straighter teeth, he would be able to floss and clean them so much easier and since he wanted to be a pastor like his dad we really wanted him to have the added confidence that comes with a great smile but our budget just doesn't allow for an extra expense of that extent...I got a flyer for the Smiles Changes Lives when we went in for consultation and Isaiah was accepted for the Smiles Changes Lives Program. Every step of the way the staff at the Prose have been the sweetest , nicest welcoming people, very helpful and never once make us feel like they don't care or that Isaiah wasn't as important because of the situation. I know that Dr. Prose has offered his services through the Smiles Changes Lives Program to help those who otherwise would not be able, so that they can enjoy a confident smile. We are so very thankful for this act of kindness and for every bit of time and effort that has gone into allowing this opportunity for my son. Thank you to Dr. Prose and his amazing team for all you do."

Review Verified on 4/24/2013
"It went great. You were on time and had Matt done when you said it would be done."

Review Verified on 4/24/2013
"Very happy with Prose orthodontics and would recommend to family and friends."

Review Verified on 4/21/2013
"Great service - wait time is minimal. Staff is wonderful with my children - talking to them and engaging them in conversation. Prose also does a good job of giving back to the community (2 examples are SCST and donating to our school's fund raiser). Have recommended Prose to other families and will continue!"

Review Verified on 4/20/2013
"Nice, friendly quality service, fast and on time."

Review Verified on 4/20/2013
"I have had four children go through orthodontic treatment with Dr prose over the past 15 years ( I think it's been about that long). Some of the treatment methods and staff have changed a bit , but the one thing that had been consistent is that Dr Prose and his staff are always very professional and courteous and kind to both me ( the mom) and the girls. They explain everything and take the time for each question. From Dr Prose to the girls placing the braces, to the staff at the desk, to the girls doing the billing, everyone has been great. My daughter who is undergoing treatment now has ADD and Aspergers and when she first got her braces on needed extra care and attention for the initial placement of her braces and they were great with her. Now after a few years she just goes right in , sits in the chair and opens her mouth. She is not afraid at all! Thanks so much!"

Review Verified on 4/19/2013
"As an adult with braces for the first time, the entire staff at Prose Orthodontics made me feel comfortable and welcomed!"

Review Verified on 4/18/2013
"Everything was great!"

Review Verified on 4/18/2013
"My daughter lost a bracket and the wire was poking her mouth. You guys got her in the same day and it only took about 1 minute. Instant relief! Thanks!"

Review Verified on 4/18/2013
"Stefanie was very happy that they fixed her coil. As a mother, I was happy to hear specific feedback about how Stefanie's teeth looked and what was trying to be accomplished by the change of bracket."

Review Verified on 4/17/2013
"Our consultation was fantastic. Even though I would prefer that my daughter not need braces, your recommendations are well-supported by the research that I read. Your facilities and staff are first rate! My young daughter was treated so kindly... we were both put completely at ease. Thank you - we will see you soon!"

Review Verified on 4/14/2013
"Very friendly staff who is always willing to do what it takes to get the job done right.Thank you for that since I know my situation isn't exactly an easy one."

Review Verified on 4/13/2013
"We have 2 sons dealing at Dr. Prose and the service has been excellent. I personally don't go in all the time but when I do it has always been a great experience. The staff always explains the options as well as the benefits to what they recommend. I have a daughter still to come and there is no other place that I will take her to then Dr. Prose. Thanks for the excellent service."

Review Verified on 4/11/2013
"Everyone is always very nice and friendly. Appointment times are always kept. (Never have to wait) Both of my kids teeth are looking so much better. Can't wait to see the end results."

Review Verified on 4/11/2013
"Everyone is very friendly and always nice to Brooke! :)"

Review Verified on 4/10/2013
"We started my daughter's orthodontic treatment at Prose Orthodontist after my dentist recommended his practice. Prose Orthodontic is a leader in technology. Their offices and treatment rooms are clean and welcoming. Their staff is over the top friendly and always very accommodating with appointments. We are sad that our treatments have ended, but we recommend Dr. Prose to all of our friends and neighbors!"

Review Verified on 4/8/2013
"We have been coming to see Dr. Prose since 2004. Myself and all three of our sons have had braces put on by Dr. Prose. In all the years we have been coming to his office we have NEVER had a bad experience. From the moment you walk into the office, until the time you leave everyone is wonderful. Our appointments were always on time, and the schedule was open so that we could find a convenient time. We recommend Dr. Prose and his staff to everyone :)"

Review Verified on 4/2/2013
"When I first came here it was for my son, and I was so impressed on how kind and professional everyone was here that I decided to get my teeth done here for myself. I can't say enough how happy I am with the result. I would and have recommend my family and friends here. Thank you so much!"

Review Verified on 3/18/2013
"Dr. Prose and staff are a great team. I am always welcomed by staff with such happiness. Everyone always has respect and compassion which makes return visits enjoyable with no anxiety. You have changed my confidence and how I see myself. I will be grateful forever!"

Review Verified on 3/14/2013
"I have had several family members at Prose Ortho and though each situation was unique, the experience was fantastic. It is not very often that you find a business that just "gets it". Every aspect of our treatment was top notch. Most importantly, the staff is well trained, friendly and truly caring. One of the best businesses I have ever dealt with."

Review Verified on 3/14/2013
Reviews 589 - 630 of 657

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